Vacuum cup daily considerations

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If you go out and keep your own mug or thermos, you can hold the drink and take it away. It is convenient and environmentally friendly. However, there are many precautions to be observed in the use of the thermos bottle, so that it will not make the convenience become a health hazard.

Keep the cup clean every day, don't put the water inside to drink overnight.

Many people often think that a thermos cup or a thermos pot is a "sealed container", which can be stored in the inside or put it overnight, but the human mouth contains a variety of strains. As long as it is drunk, the mouth will bring bacteria into the water. Make the contents grow bacteria; after the beverage is placed overnight, the number of bacteria will soar, affecting health. Even if the contents only contain white water, it is recommended to clean the cup every day, and focus on cleaning the bottle mouth, drying and disinfecting, and continue the next day. use. Similarly, bottled water should be consumed as soon as possible after opening, or placed in the refrigerator to cool, low temperature can inhibit bacterial growth.

Bottled water should be consumed as soon as possible, and it should be kept in the refrigerator when it is not finished.

Do not hold soy milk

The inner membrane is scratched. Do not contain acidic beverages. High-protein beverages such as milk and soy milk are easy to breed bacteria or deteriorate under room temperature or heat preservation environment, and will adhere to the inner wall of the heat preservation cup. It is very difficult to clean thoroughly; carbonated drinks and juices ( Or add lemon, apple, etc.) Acidic substances may dissolve the nickel-chromium metal on the inner wall of the cup, which affects health. Therefore, it is recommended to hold white water or tea, black coffee and other drinks. In addition, if you want to hold Chinese medicine, it is recommended to use stainless steel thermos, which does not affect the ingredients.

The fruit contains acidic substances that may dissolve the nickel-chromium metal on the inner wall of the cup.

Always only fit to seven points, too much

When the liquid touches the cap portion for a long time, it is easy to cause aging or bacterial contamination of the plastic material. It is recommended that the contents be filled until seven minutes. In addition, it is rumored that the plastic strip of the thermos cup lid will release the plasticizer, which will damage the body for a long time. If the public has doubts, the material can be selected as "No. 5 plastic (PP)" when purchasing the thermos bottle. The type can withstand high temperatures and avoid dissolution of plasticizers.

Seven points are just right, eight points are a bit greedy, no matter how much better!

Clean with detergent or baking soda and replace regularly

Clear water cannot completely clean the groove dirt in the thermos bottle. It is recommended to use a cotton swab or a sharp-edged brush to focus on cleaning the lid and the mouth. The dirt adhering to the inner wall of the bottle is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye and is not easy to clean. It should be cleaned with a soft brush or a baking soda. Do not use a steel brush or a melon cloth to avoid scratching the inner membrane. In addition, the thermos bottle also has a long life, if it has been a serious collision, scratches on the inner membrane for a long time, the gel of the cap or the plastic is cracked and embrittled, it must be replaced.

Simple 3 key to choose a thermos

It is recommended to select the stainless steel thermos bottle with the inner wall of the bottle. Do not choose the type of gray inner coating. It is easy to peel off due to brushing, internal ice or external force collision.

Stainless steel appliances are made of different hardness materials according to different purposes. It is recommended to select "304 stainless steel (chrome-nickel ratio indication method is 18-8)", which is hard enough, acid and alkali resistant, high stability and reasonable price. When purchasing, refer to the SUS mark (Steel Special Use Stainless) of the cap or bottle to distinguish.

The appearance should be based on plain color, and the brightly colored thermos bottle has high lead content. It is easy to eat and cause lead poisoning due to peeling off, especially when purchasing for children.


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